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Ten reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant...

1. Business growth

A VA can free your time up, in order for you to spend more time focusing on your clients and growing your business.

2. Cost effective

A VA is only paid for the time worked, ensuring you are receiving the most value for your money!

3. Time Management

Often a VA will know more time efficient ways of doing tasks, and can sometimes implement new systems, in order for your business to run more smoothly.

4. Work overflow

A VA can work on an ad hoc basis, helping you and your team during their peak times, as needed. This ensures there is no cost to you during your quieter periods.

5. Professional client liaison

A VA can offer your clients a friendly and professional service, on your behalf, keeping your clients happy and minimising distractions to you.

6. Initiative

A VA will consider ways in which they may be able to support you further, in order to make your life easier!

7. Simple recruitment

A VA works on a freelance basis, (organising their own tax, NI, sick pay, holiday pay etc), this frees you up from the time, responsibilities and costs of a permanent member of staff.

8. Minimal email distractions to you

A VA can organise and respond to your emails, ensuring that you are only requested to respond to emails personally, when essential.

9. Work-life balance

With a VA supporting you, you can be at your most productive with minimal distractions. This will enable you to achieve more with your work time, allowing you to have an improved work-life balance.

10. Productivity

VA’s can help with repetitive tasks, e.g. form filling, database management, reminder emails etc, decreasing your work load.



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